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About Creator Of Destination Bollywood

My name is Ganesh and I'm 15 years old. Surprised? Yes I'm 15 years old and I created this entire network! It took me lot of patience and frequent learning & discovering to come to this position. Before I had only one site called Destination Shahrukh. Now Destination Shahrukh has come under a network of Bollywood sites namely Destination Bollywood. I have introduced this network with a hope that the people will like it. I hope you & others do. If you want to know more about me then email me at

My sincere thanks to the following people who helped and contributed.

Asliza (for wallpapers & suggestions)
Tarana (for suggestions, encouraging emails and info)
Waqar (owner of Poora Pagal entertainment network)
Anu (for internet account for quite some time)
Nimii Nayak (my aunty who again helped me in beginning stages) (for contributing music for the entire network!)

Please do contribute to this site & click on advertisement banners as they help in maintaining this site!

Thank You.

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Destination Bollywood.