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Destination Bollywood Reviews

Hum Tum Pe Marte Hai

It is a story of two families, Muktangan and Parampara, who are neighbours. The former headed by Sethji, holds its tradition, culture and values close to their heart. The latter, headed by Devyani Chopra, a high profile and fast paced Horse Trading business tycoon. Due to previous twist of destiny Devyani is led to believe that her neighbours are responsible for her husband's death. She hates them even more with passing moment.

Sethji's easy going and low key (a family trait) son Rahul develops a liking for Devyani's tender hearted sister-in-law Radhika, who has come over to stay with her. Slowly but steadily both Rahul and Radhika nurture deep bonding between them. Radhika, as it unfolds also happens to be very lucky for Sethji, who wishes her auspicious presence to be a permanence.

Since Devyani doesn't like anything about her neighbours, she decides to push Radhika to marry Dhananjay, her business partner. Dhananjay, a mean soul tries to lure Radhika with lavish show of his wealth, even creeping into her bedroom trying to tie a cummerband on her. Radhika hates him for all this and more. As dramatic chain of events unfolds Rahul has to take up this responsibility to rescue everyone from the deadly Dhananjay.

HUM TUM PE MARTE HAIN is all about how Rahul and Radhika's subtle romance flourishes amongst such hostility and against the odds leading eventually to the coming together of both families, and thereby fulfilling Sethji's ultimate wish.

Courtesy: Indiafm