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Destination Bollywood Reviews


The Story begins in a small town in Bihar that is dominated by Bachhu Yadav, a self-styled anarchist. Yadav is the ultimate in cruelty and ruthlessness and the townsfolk have everything to pray for when he unleashes his reign of terror upon them.

Enter Samar Pratap Singh, a newly- posted inspector who follows the law by the book. He is a man of principles and because of this he is considered by many to be stubborn and very rigid. At home his wife Manjeri often bears the burden of his intense wrath.

Samar shows that he means business when he arrests a few of Bachhu Yadav's men for causing a riot. To Bachhu, Samar is a small-time inspector who can be 'taken care' of. Problems arise when Samar refuses to compromise on the somewhat dicey situation …. Instead, he takes on the might of Bachhu Yadav head on and in the process, pricks a lot of egos making things difficult for himself.

The tyrant, Bachhu is well-connected in high places and he makes prompt use of them to suspend the Inspector who dared defy him. Once a hero, now a nobody, a humbled Samar becomes an object of ridicule and snide remarks… Finally, when he can take it no longer, Samar goes after Bachhu and his gang with a vengeance. By then, his family is torn apart and his career in the Police force reaches a premature end. Finally, with nothing to lose, Samar gives it his all in an effort to destroy Bachhu and his likes!

How Samar goes about his unenviable task is what the rest of this film is about…

This is Shool - a story set in the heart of anarchy… a story of self-styled kings and a desperado.

Produced by Nitin Manmohan and Ramgopal Varma and directed by rookie E.Nivas (who honed his skills under the tutelage of Ramgopal Varma for eight years)… Music has been scored by the trio of Shankar, Eshaan and Loy and lyrics have been penned by Sameer.

Courtesy: Indiafm